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Creeperhax's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 6 (From 4 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 125 Points

Get Witchy

10 Candies Unlocked 11/2/16
5 Points
Collected 10 Candies
First Candy! Unlocked 11/2/16
5 Points
Collected your first candy!
Spooked! Unlocked 11/2/16
5 Points
Spooked by your first Ghosty
20 Candies 25 Points Collected 20 Candies
30 Candies 50 Points Collected 30 Candies
40 Candies 100 Points collected 40 Candies
50 Candies 100 Points Collected 50 Candies

Medals Earned: 3/7 (15/290 points)

Green Arrow and the Green Cursor

Green Arrow Unlocked 11/2/16
5 Points
Flecha Verde
2Pac Man 5 Points 2Pac Man
Aang 5 Points Aang
Adult Link 5 Points Link grande
Alliga Thor 5 Points Alliga Thor
Aphro dite 5 Points Afro dita
Aqua Mango 5 Points Acua Mango
Aquaman in danger 5 Points Aquaman en apuros
Astro Boy 5 Points Astro Boy
Bad Man 5 Points Bad Man
Bart Man 5 Points Bart Man
Bat signal 5 Points Batiseñal
Bender 5 Points Bender
Burrito Rigby 5 Points El burrito de Rigby
Captain America 5 Points Capitan America
Captain Caveman 5 Points Capitan Cavernicola
Cell 5 Points Cel
Child Link 5 Points Link
Chu Vaca 5 Points Chu Vaca
Cyborg 5 Points Cyborg
Daffy Duck 5 Points Pato Lucas
Darth Vader 5 Points Darth Vader
Dead pool 5 Points Dead pool
Death Star 5 Points Estrella de la Muerte
Donutello 5 Points DonaTelo
Dra Gumball Z 5 Points Dra Gumball Z
Dragon Ball 5 Points Bola del dragón
Duck hunt dog 5 Points Perro caza patos
Earthworm Jim 5 Points Jim Lombriz
El Santo 5 Points El Santo
Elastic Man 5 Points Hombre Plastico
Fan tom 5 Points El Fantasma
Fantastic Four 5 Points Cuatro Fantastico
Fat Flash 5 Points Flash Gordo
Fatman 5 Points Fatman
Finn and Jake 5 Points Finn y Jake
Flappy Bird 5 Points Flappy Bird
Flash 5 Points Flash
Freezer 5 Points Freezer
Gadget 5 Points Gadget
Gand Alf 5 Points Gand Alf
Garnet 5 Points Garnet
Gel Boy 5 Points Gel Boy
Goku 5 Points Goku
Green lantern 5 Points Linterna Verde
Green Troll 5 Points Troll Verde
Guitar Hero 5 Points Heroe Guitarra
Harley quinn 5 Points Arlequin
Harry Pottery 5 Points Jarrito Potter
He Man 5 Points He Man
Hell Boy Scout 5 Points Hell Boy Scout
Hello Kitty Woman 5 Points Kittubela
Hulkmark 5 Points Hulkmark
Invisible woman 5 Points Mujer invisible
Iron Man 5 Points Hombre Plancha
Kick Buttowski 5 Points Kick Buttowski
Kick Cas 5 Points Kick Cas
Lego Las 5 Points Lego Las
lion O 5 Points Leono
Lion oh no 5 Points Leon oh no
Magneto 5 Points Magneto
Mazinger Z 5 Points Mazinger Z
Mega Man 5 Points Mega Man
Nabruto 5 Points Nabruto
Ninja Turtle 5 Points Tortuga ninja
Obelix 5 Points Obelix
Optimus Prime 5 Points Optimus Prime
Papa Avatar 5 Points Papa Avatar
Pokeball 5 Points Pokebola
Pop Eye 5 Points Pop Ojo
Power Walker Texas Ranger 5 Points Power Walker Texas Ranger
Profesor X 5 Points Profesor X
Puff girl 5 Points Chica Puff
R2D2 5 Points Arturito
Radioactive Man 5 Points Hombre Radioactivo
Real Green Lantern 5 Points Verdadero Linterna Verde
Red grasshopper 5 Points El Chapulin Colorado
Robin 5 Points Robin
Rombus 5 Points Rombo
Saiya Jean 5 Points Saya Jean
Santa 5 Points Santa
Silver Surfer 5 Points Surfista de Plata
Spider 5 Points La araña hombre
Spider butt 5 Points El trasero araña
Storm 5 Points Tormenta
Super hand 5 Points Super Mano
Superman 5 Points Superman
Tarzan 5 Points Tarzan
The flame 5 Points Llamas a mi
The Flash 5 Points El Flash
The thing 5 Points La Mole
Thunder cat 5 Points Gata trueno
Tony Hawkman 5 Points Tony Hawkman
Trans Former 5 Points Trans Former
Wolverine 5 Points Guepardo
Wonder Woman 5 Points La mujer maravilla
Wookie Talkie 5 Points Wookie Talkie
X man 5 Points Hombre Equis
Yoda 5 Points Yoda
Zorro 5 Points Zorro

Medals Earned: 1/100 (5/500 points)


There's something in your teeth.... Unlocked 6/9/16
100 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Halfway There 25 Points Hold it in 30 seconds
Hold on for one more day 25 Points Hold on 80 seconds
Clean Getaway 50 Points Complete Story Mode
Just hold on we're going home 50 Points Hold on 100 seconds
Son... 50 Points Get poop on dad 20 times.
Hold on to your friends 100 Points Hold on 150 seconds
The Clencher Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/8 (100/500 points)

Mafia Stories III

StartedTheJob Unlocked 11/2/16
5 Points
Just started
Thief 25 Points Steal something
FirstKill 50 Points First kill
GoodShot 100 Points Kill all enemies perfectly

Medals Earned: 1/4 (5/180 points)